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Bring some peace and bliss into your life with this perfectly comforting earthy cacao mix. With the soothing and restorative touch from maca and reishi, this mood-boosting blend might become your new favorite way to unwind.

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  • cacao - also called the food of Gods by Mayans, cacao was considered as sacred and a medicinal food. A magnesium-rich powerhouse, cacao contains high level of antioxidant. it is also a powerful neuroprotector, natural mood booster, anxiety reducer, and a cardiovascular tonic.


  • maca - mood enhancer adaptogen traditionally used to support and balance the hormonal system in the body. Maca also helps to normalize the menstrual cycle (number of days in a cycle and amount of blood flow), thus aids to reduce PMS and menstrual pain. It is high in nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, iodine, and vitamin C.


  • reishi - this 3,000 years old adaptogen helps the mind and body to adapt to the everyday stresses of life by supporting the nervous system and replenishing the body's qi or vital energy. This mushroom also helps with nervousness and anxiety, or if you are feeling dizzy or lightheaded.
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