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Hand-picked and exclusively sourced from the first flush of Japan's tea fields, our matcha offers a harmonious blend of smooth, sweet, green freshness and umami richness.


The bamboo whisk is the most effective utensil to dissolve matcha so that you could enjoy an energizing, smooth, and delicious beverage.

  • Benefits

    • ⚡ Long-Lasting Energy Boost: Experience a natural, sustained uplift in energy, say goodbye to afternoon fatigue and restlessness.


      🍵 Feel Relaxed & Calm: Shaped by tea masters, our matcha offers a calming ritual, promoting relaxation in the midst of a busy day.


      🌱 Weight Management Support: Boost your metabolism and facilitate a healthy weight management naturally with our matcha, ideal for those seeking a holistic approach to wellness.


      🧠 Improved Mental Clarity: Enhance focus and cognitive functions with the unique blend of L-theanine and caffeine, providing mental clarity without the typical energy crashes.


      ✨ Revitalize your Skin from Within: Infused with antioxidants, our matcha promotes radiant skin by fighting free radicals, making it an essential addition to your beauty routine.

      ⚡💫 Better Alternative to Coffee: Leave behind the discomfort of jitters, increased heart rate & anxiety, afternoon crash, bad breath, and stained teeth.

  • Used for

    • energy boost
    • clarity
    • memory enhancer
    • cognitive support
    • recovery
    • pre-workout
    • post-workout
    • focus
    • source of antioxydants
    • beauty
  • Ingredients

    Organic pure ceremonial matcha harvested in Japan

  • Shipping

    Ships from Canada

    Delivery time:

    • 2-3 business days to Canada/US
    • 3-6 business days to the rest of the world 

    Delivery cost:

    • FREE shipping when you subscribe on matcha
    • $7.99 for one-time purchase/other items
C$57.00 Regular Price
C$48.45Sale Price
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