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once upon a time... kamifood

a brand of superfood blends with adaptogens based in Montréal.

a brand whose mission is to make you feel nourished from the inside and outside through food & self-love, as well as supporting a better community and planet.

a brand born with this firm belief that taking care of your body is essential to nurture a healthy inner space, and therefore being able to shine your best in this world.

what does kamifood mean? 

Kamifood includes the word kami which means God or deity in japanese.


it is under this vision of coming back to yourself with mindful rituals such as nourishing your body that Kamifood was developed. 

Kamifood offers blends to regain your calm after a long day, focus when you have some crazy goals to crush, or obtain physical glow which further increases your self-confidence.

what makes kamifood special? 

the superfood blends include adaptogens. some adaptogens have their own unique benefits, and those in Kamifood blends have been carefully chosen for you. for more info about adaptogens, click here for the dedicated section.

our packaging is 100% recyclable, and we support The N'Takou whose goal is to provide litterary resources to children in Africa.

Kamifood blends are versatile, and can be added to lattes, smoothies, yogurts, oatmeals, and desserts.

caring about the food you eat is taking care of your body = taking care of yourself.

no matter who you are or where you are in your journey, take care of yourself, one spoonful of kamifood at a time!

we love you 💜

about the founder
mica peng founder kamifood matcha

having always had an interest in the food industry, it is with enthusiasm that mica combined her chemical engineering knowledge and sales engineering experience to embark on this kamifood journey.

her other hobby as a yoga teacher introduced her to the ayurvedic tradition, and her asian/african heritage exposed her to those plants that were revered by her ancestors. indeed, she has seen improvements by incorporating those ingredients in her diet on a regular basis.


matter of fact, Kamifood blends helped her stay on track all along the process to deliver those products to you today ;)

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